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STARWEBZ LTD. is proud to announce the recent partnership association with Simon & Schuster Interactive in New York City.

Simon & Schuster, the publishing operation of Viacom Inc., is a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic and multimedia formats.

STARWEBZ and Simon & Schuster have entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement to market and sell the STARWEBZ WebShop product across the USA and Canada through their vast direct sales and retail channels.

STARWEBZ Makes Internet News And History!

Well, itís finally been done! STARWEBZ has launched its incredible NEW product, an on-line speaking "GENIEĒ guide that is a web site builder, called STARWEBZ WebShop. The launch of the product is revolutionary in the Internet and customers who are interested in building their own sites are banging down the doors!

We are also getting many calls and inquiries from many companies including ISPís and ASPís, as well as medium to large businesses that want STARWEBZ to create a "white labelĒ customized product with "GENIEĒ for them!

What people are saying about STARWEBZ

  • Hot on the heels of the successful launch of STARWEBZ WebShop, everyone at STARWEBZ is very excited about the incredible reception from the public and businesses that are joining the ever-increasing STARWEBZ client base.
  • "This is the easiest web builder product Iíve ever seen.
  • "The speaking on-line guide, "GENIE" is incredible. He makes the process of building a web site fun, interesting and easy!"
  • "Iíve never seen a product like this before. Itís so simple now to build my business e-commerce store on-line."
  • "Wow! This WebShop builder product is so user friendly it almost builds itself!"
  • "As an ISP weíve been looking for a long time for a product to market thatís user friendly, easy and WORKS! The STARWEBZ WebShop web site builder is EXACTLY what we were looking for!"
  • "It's really as easy as you say it is."... " Why hasn't someone done something like this before?"... " I didn't think I'd get through all the set-up without questions, but your program makes it easy to follow, and it was quick too! Congratulations!"... "I chose STARWEBZ WebShop because it's straightforward to use and an all-in-one package."... "Great idea and great product!"

Market trends

"We currently are in the midst of an economic revolution so pivotal, so far-reaching, and so wrenching that it constitutes the biggest change since the industrial revolution. The economy now dawning ó the electronic economy or "eEconomy" ó will soon eclipse our well-honed, well-understood manufacturing-based economy just as surely as it eclipsed the agrarian economy that came before."(Andersen Consulting @ www.ac.com).

STARWEBZ believes that aiming to be the easiest to use product in the marketplace is the right path to follow, especially since the e-commerce marketplace has not taken off as quickly as predicted, and that 49% of businesses are still unsure how to use the technology. STARWEBZ is perfectly positioned to become one of the principal leaders in the Internet Revolution!

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