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STARWEBZ WebShop is one of the easiest and fastest tools for instantly turning your business into an online retailer.

Finally, a simple solution that gives you an e-commerce web site in a box. Starwebz WebShop gives you the ability to create a complete e-commerce enabled web site so you can sell products directly online.

Simple step-by-step set-up screens walk you through the process of creating your very own web site. As you set up your web site you can type exactly what you want your web pages to read, load pictures to display, then choose a pre-designed web site template that gives your site a professional look. An integrated product catalogue manager lets you quickly enter and manage all the products you want to display online. Then when you are ready, simply click a button and Starwebz WebShop does the magic of automatically building your complete web site, and because this software works on your PC there's no need to connect to the Internet until you have everything ready to go.

With this program you will be able to build your own Database driven web site and a full online commercial shopping facility including the ability to create, show and change your own unique shopping facility from a wide selection of templates that include:

  • Your own Home Page
  • Your own News Page
  • Your own About Us Page
  • Your own Contact Us Page
  • Your own LinksPage
  • Your own Feedback Page
  • Catalogue Shopping Pages with automatically created layered search facilities
  • A full Shopping Cart and Ordering Facility Page
  • A full Stock Listing and Product Catalogue Manager
  • The ability to include all or selected items from your stock listing with the click of your mouse
  • Show special offers on the Home Page
  • Show a complete and interactive Shopping Cart
  • Add and Adjust variable Tax and Shipping Costs on all items individually
  • A complete online ordering facility, including Phone, Fax and Mail Orders
  • An established Secure Service facility for online Credit Card Orders

Just enter everything you want to sell online, choose a web site, type in what you want to say then click to publish. It's as simple as that!

  • 1000+ item online photographic catalogue
  • shopping basket facility
  • special offers section
  • easy to follow menus
  • unlimited database
  • plenty of styles to choose from
  • credit card payment processing (requires online merchant)
  • control of your site offline
  • multiple sites
  • integrated web hosting
  • publish your site directly onto the Web-no fuss-just one click
  • plus 1 month's free hosting

Every step of the way is made easy with STARWEBZ WebShop's easy-to-follow menu assistants that guide you through creating and managing your site - so novices to the web scene don't even need to know about web jargon and HTML.

System Requirements:

STARWEBZ WebShop and STARWEBZ WebShop Basic will run on any standard PC equipment with MS Windows® 98/Me/NT/2000 operating systems. The following specification is recommended: Pentium II 300MHz, 32MB RAM, 60MB of free disk space, CD-Rom drive and 800x600 color display. No additional software is required.

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